“Lost Faces”

I live in a big city
from my house - a walk
along streets passing
corners where paths meet
Further towards the center
busy atmosphere
going inside
sitting down
at times distracted
looking out
from the neck and down
never sleeping
no faces -- no faces
never faces

The absence of an expected object, person, plant, or animal in a picture, or the absence of all pictorial representation may also represent the holy or divine.

Ancient Christian art often depicted an empty throne on which perhaps lay a folded purple robe or a book as a symbol of the invisible presence of God. In mosques the empty prayer niche represents the presence of Allah. Buddha apparently was not iconically represented in early Buddhist art in accordance with the theory of “emptiness” and the radically negative transcendence of the aim of salvation, Nirvana.

The rejection of a picture as a means of representing the holy also is a symbolical way of positively asserting the presence of God.

“Lost Faces” explores the musical possibilities of objects without any clear physical appearance.

This music was made with CM/CLM software on SGI-workstations. The duration of Lost Faces is 14’27”