Composer:Anders Vinjar
Medium:44.1 kHz DAT & CD

The title ``Coil'' suggests something about the construction of the work. The piece attempts to lead the listener on a travel which unravels present and distant perspectives on space and time. This modeling of space has been a fascinating experience for the composer. How various aspects of sound---spectral aspects, and placement in time and strength---gives a constantly pulsating experience of space for the listener. The piece tries to pass a thread through space---at times close, at times distant.

``Coil'' won a price in EBU's International ROSTRUM for Electroacoustic Music 1996

Technical stuff

``Coil'' is composed in 1996. All work is done with CLM, a powerful sound-synthesis language made at CCRMA. Amongst the techniques which have taken part in forming the piece are various types of cross-synthesis, amplitude-modulation, cross-synthesis based on FFT- and LPC-analysis, and granular signal processing. These techniques aid in forming the piece by threading out musical characteristics, notes and phrases, from something which originally was a special collection of noise-type sounds. This ``game'', on the borderline between noise and tone, is interesting.