(English translation: “Of Bathing in the Biscaya”)

Performance with percussion, dance, sensors, interactive video & live-electronics sound.
Eirik Raude percussion
Inger Malene Glette dance
Anders Vinjar live-electronics audio & video
“Om bading i Biscaya” was first performed during the Ultima-festival 2006.

Link to Review in Aftenposten after the premiere at Henie-Onstad Art Center, October 2006


Anders Vinjar “Oppspent line” 7 min.
Iannis Xenakis “Rebonds” 12 min.
Iannis Xenakis “Psappha” 10 min.
Anders Vinjar “Om bading i Biscaya” 20 min.
Total duration: ca 1 hour


Om bading i Biscaya is an extremely physical and rhythmic perfomance where the good old Natural Laws are challenged by the force, structure, sounds and movements emerging from a percussionist, a dancer and live-electronics present before the audience.

The artistic material in the programme helps to construct a virtual universe with dynamically changing laws of nature. The laws constitute forces, obstacles, structures of energy the performers relate to in their efforts to perceive, control, manipulate, challenge - even obey at times - concepts such as time, gravity, friction and heat.

The performance utilise various kinds of sensor-technology to control the acoustic and visual situation on stage.


Eirik Raude
is a very active performer of contemporary music, and is responsible for several commissions to young composers from the Nordic countries. Most important pieces of contemporary percussion is on his repertoarlist.

He also works with chamber-music, and has been on tour as solo-percussionist with the Oslo Philharmonics, Kringkastingsorkesteret and several contemporary music ensembles.

Inger Malene Glette
worked together with Lise Nordal and Eva Cecilie Richardsen before she left for New York to study at the Merce Cunningham Studios in 1998. While staying in New York she also worked with coreographers such as Ellen Cornfield, Mata Sakka, Pat Catterson and Kiyoko Kashiwagi. Inger Malene came back to Norway during the summer of -01 to work as freelance dancer, and has since woked together with Kretzer Kompani, Nordans and Dans Design, besides giving classes.
Anders Vinjar
is a Norwegian composer. Besides electroacoustic music his output includes soloworks for various instruments and music for ensembles --- often in combination with live-electronics. His work includes concertmusic, installations, music for dance, stage, web-projects and radiophonic works. Recently he has collaborated with artists and groups such as SISU, Hilde Torgersen, Eirik Raude, Verdensteatret and Beate Grimsrud.