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  • Anders Vinjar - Composer

    I compose electroacoustic music, music for instruments and interactive electronics, voice, ensembles, music for dance and stage, web art, videos and installation works.

    Nature is close whereever you live in Norway, and for me an important source of inspiration. Seeking out, becoming a small individual, feeling a physical presence in the infinite. Is it because nature is there, without any reason whatsoever? I find powerful experiences of art and nature have much in common. Always on the search for music, art - and nature - leaving more questions than answers, ultimately stimulating new reflections.

    I'm a programmer-composer, developing and exploring IT-solutions and creative potentials in modern digital technology in my composition workflows. Collaborating closely with international centres such as IRCAM, ZKM and CCRMA, developing software for artistic work, recently exploring AI-based techniques and machine learning in creative processes.

    Expressive tools such as Lisp-based (Common Lisp, Scheme, Clojure) software for composition (CAC, OpenMusic) and DSP come in handy. I'm active in net-based communities developing open-source tools for DSP (Snd/clm, SuperCollider]], Linux Audio) and modern tools for musical notation (LilyPond).

    Professional performance and mediation is a necessity for any artist. Together with colleagues I established and run the Electric Audio Unit, an ensemble specializing in performances of spatial audio and Ambisonics creations using High Density Loudspeaker Arrays (HDLA). EAU perform concerts, commission works, and collaborate with artists all over the world.

    I teach classes in musical programming and Computer Assisted Composition, organize workshops and seminars at various places like BEK, UiO, NTNU, IRCAM, IEM/Graz, University of Ghent, EMS etc.

    My music is played by professional performers such as EAU, SISU and Poing trio, at concert institutions such as GRM (L'Acousmonium), Ultima (Oslo), ISCM, Synth├ęse (Bourges/ICEM), Huddersfield and Nordic Music Days.

    I studied musicology at the University of Oslo.